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Trevor Huster

multi-media producer


Currently residing in Denver, CO since 2009

My name is Trevor Huster, and I have been a life-long musician and entertainer, as well as a professional producer since 1996. Being a performer and artist has given me a unique perspective, as I know exactly what it's like to be on either side of a stage, a recording platform, or a camera. I see and hear with an artist's heart, and a producer's mind. 

I have been playing and producing music professionally forever. Most recently, I performed as Freddie Mercury at Celebrate Erie 2019 Queen Tribute for a crowd of 20,000. 

I have played Red Rocks and toured with The Samples (Colorado band) extensively from 2012-2018. I also recorded and produced the demo for Train's "Drops of Jupiter" grammy-winning hit.

I have been creating video content in Denver for the last 3 years, most notable with Dutch's Masonry, Heritage Christian Center, and Axiom Realty, as well as many professionally established original and tribute bands and artists.

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